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Sourdough is a communications 
studio by Emily Schildt.

In her 10+ years of experience in marketing, she has built some of the most coveted and distinguished brands you'll find in the market today. Sourdough works with emerging products to craft stories that spark emotion. From brand messaging and architecture, to content strategy and production, to influencer programs and campaigns, and beyond — we do it all.

(Well not all, but you know, those things and things like them.)

Hit us up, let's make something special.


We build brands, from scratch.

Regular bread is made with flour and water. And it's alright. But any bread connoisseur knows the best bread is sourdough.

Sourdough has something a little extra, a little special. It has a starter. A starter's makeup varies, but its effect all the same — it makes bread that is distinguishably different, and 100% unique. Over the years, starters must be nurtured and maintained. They must be cared for. And they must be shared, because a good starter is too good to keep to yourself.

We don’t make bread, we make brands, but allow us to craft your starter.